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Huizhou Ecisco New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Huizhou Ecisco New Material Technology Development Corporation is the petrochemical manufacturing business established in 2013, Beijing Water Business Doctor Co. ,Ltd.(stock code 300055) is principal shareholder. Total investment is 250 million US Dollar. Ecisco facilities are located at Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical & Industrial Park in Guangdong Province. The current total registered capital is 65 million US Dallor with covering an area of about 170,000 square meters.

   Ecisco owns three facilities at this site:

1.Crude C5 separation and purification unit with capacity of 300,000 MT/year of feedstock
2.C5 Hydrocarbon Resins unit with capacity of 50,000 MT/year total resins
3.Crude C9 hydrogenation unit with capacity of 100,000 MT/year total C9

Primary C5/C9 crude feedstocks are supplied by pipeline from the nearby CSPC, the joint venture company between CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation) and shell. This consistent supply and quality has allowed the Yikesi facilities operate with highest volume in Southeast China.

Our products include isoprene(polymer grade), Piperylene, DCPD(dicyclopentadiene), C5 hydrocarbon resin, C9 hydrogenation etc. which are used in the production of synthetic rubber, elastomers, HMA(Hot melt adhesives), road marking, tires, pharmaceutical and etc.

Company Projects

Project considering supply of raw materials, product market, technical reliability of the source, construction period, operating costs, investment and technical and economic evaluation and other factors. This projects is processing deeply, considering C5 and C9 as it's main materials and develop high-tech and high value-added products, highlighting the petroleum resin and new materials. Both the upstream and downstream of the integration project objectives and resource allocation ecological factory building deep processing of EPA. Petroleum resins, ethylene cracking byproducts deep processing company to become the leading industry.

Company project construction schedule

     The company now completed negotiations with the supply of raw materials CNOOC Huizhou refinery refinery two branches, the finalization of the feasibility study report has been completed. Project specific schedule is as follows:
       1, Basic design: 2016.1-2016.6
       2, Detailed design: 2016.6-2016.12
       3, Equipment procurement: 2016.6-2016.12
       4, Construction and equipment installation: 2016.11-2017.5
       5, Test: 2017.7
       6, Officially put into operation: 2017.8.

Corporate strategy and business planning

      The company's construction and development adhere to the "combination of distance, overall planning, rolling development," the basic principles. Thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, according to the development of recycling economy, protect the environment, promote safe production requirements, make full use of the Sea Shell and CNOOC Huizhou refinery refinery two branches of resources, optimize the product structure, promote independent innovation, Key advantages of technology development companies namely ethylene cracking heavy byproducts deep processing and petroleum resin, in order to expand ethylene cracking heavy by-products as raw materials and other high-tech high-end products.

       The project intends to adopt the world's advanced technology to C5 fraction and Carbon Eight - nine carbon fraction as raw material to produce weather-resistant resin and special resin EPA, to replace imported products, to create a good economic benefits for the enterprise. Construction of this project is to maximize business efficiency needs, it is conducive to long-term strategic development of the enterprise.

 Ecisco International Investments, LLC

To better performing the global sales and information integration strategy plus reach out both market and clients efficiently, Ecisco International Investments LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiaries US company provides various customer services based on the mother company Huizhou Ecisco New Material Technology and Development Co., LTD such as C5C9 marketing research, industry analyzing and C5C9 product distributing. 

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